Mejora tu Hotel

Reservations System

Manage your reservations in a simple and orderly way with our reservation system

Reservations System

Mejora tu hotel is the exclusive representative of KrossBooking for Costa Rica, with our PMS (Property management system) you will be able to manage your reservations in a simple and orderly way, have detailed reports on income, reservations, room cleaning and many functions detailed below. Avoid over sales!

Booking calendar

Exportación de calendario

Calendar export

Export the calendar of your reservations for the different sales channels
Descarga automática de reservas

Automatic download of reservations

Your channel bookings will be automatically entered and located
Módulo de limpieza

Cleaning module

Room cleaning schedule, with access from the Mobile App for housekeeping personnel
Cobros vía PayPal

PayPal payments

Manage the collection of your reservations through your PayPal account.
Facturación electrónica integrada

Integrated electronic invoicing

Easily invoice directly from your reservations without the need for separate applications.
App Móvil

Mobile App

Manage your reservations directly from your phone
Plantillas de mensajería

Messaging templates

Automated and customized messaging templates
Check in Online

Online Check in

Speed up the reception of your customers with our Online Check in system.


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