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To whom is it addressed?

Bed & Breakfast


Let’s find out together if we have understood what you need!

Our system is perfect for Bed and Breakfast. With a single tool you can manage bookings directly from your website through the booking engine and keep the portals always up to date thanks to the Channel Manager.

With the APP you have control of your B&B even when you are away from the computer, and whatever happens our system will notify you on your mobile in real time. So you can enjoy your free time.

Don’t worry about sending the travelers’ report to the police. Our system will take care of it so you can take care of your customers.

Maximize profits with direct bookings on your booking engine. It offers the same online services as the major OTAs (including changes and cancellations) and saves on commissions.

Our system is simple to use, fast and even fun. Unleash your marketing plan. Offers promotional packages and manages discount code campaigns.

We know that managing a Bed and Breakfast can be complex: between portal fees, commissions on credit card payments and other expenses, profit margins are often reduced to a minimum. So offer stays longer than one night, increase direct bookings and improve your cash flow with instant PayPal payment. Offer additional services to your customers (e.g. online check-in).

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Automatic Payments


Apartments and Vacation rentals


We will solve many of your problems. Shall we bet?


The main problem for those who manage vacation homes and apartments on is that they turn out to be different accommodations. Most of the management systems with channel manager allow the connection of the well-known Booking ID to an accommodation, and although they can connect several units, the visualization of the inventory and price management is fragmented and uncomfortable.

With our system you can link a BOOKING ID to a specific room type or group of rooms.

Result? You will have a single software with all properties connected, as if they were different types of rooms.

If you manage apartments, you understand what a great advantage we are talking about. You will be able to manage everything through the APP, including the issuance of receipts and invoices. You can check-in through the APP upon delivery of the keys and send the invoice in real time by e-mail. And if you want to print the receipt, you simply connect a wifi printer.

Do you need other automatic tools? No problem, just ask! Our development team is continuously developing new features.

You can also ask us to develop a small portal for all your apartments (or groups of apartments).

Multi-Property Management

Unique Planner

Sending incoming parts

Online invoicing

Mobile App

Mails and messages

Hotels of seasons


Maximum occupancy with maximum revenue and returning customers!

Achieving maximum performance in the season is the main objective. Our system allows you to manage discount codes, offers, packages and additional services while booking on your website. This will allow you to be more competitive, sell additional services and create specific packages to maximize occupancy.

Create special packages for families with child management.

With our system’s booking engine you can request prepayment during direct booking!

With the CRM you can quickly quote, manage options and provide the ability to pay advances and deposits directly by credit card.

With Rate Competitors and Channel Manager you can check in real time what your competitors are doing and update the rates on the portals, because we all know that the market is unpredictable.

Plan a sales campaign offering discount codes to attract early bookings.

Manage groups easily! Different arrivals and departures, room or guest charges. Groups are no longer a problem.

Is your hotel by the sea and does it have a beach? With our system you can manage the transfer of umbrellas / sunbeds (or similar spaces), sales to individuals, season tickets, changing rooms, etc., to always have the situation under control and sell as much as possible!


Package management

Discount Codes

Gift Certificate

Rate competitors

Parking management

Breakfast report

Rural Hotels


Let’s find out together if we have understood what you need!


Rural tourism requires special attention. It operates practically all year round with attractions that vary according to the seasons.

Often these same hotels offer many additional services: food restaurants, SPA, excursions, offers on Forfait and agreements with local authorities.

With the booking engine of our system you present all this on your website so that you can book in advance and with some discount. When looking for a vacation property online, the traveler will be encouraged to make a direct reservation thanks to the multiple possibilities offered by your hotel, because in the absence of historical centers, managing time at the destination is essential for the guest.

The Restaurant module helps you manage the dinners offered to your guests after a day of physical activity. The system is simple to use and if you leave the hotel to take advantage of your private life, you can take it with you through the APP, with which you can communicate directly with guests by mail, messages, whatsapp and always be at their disposal.

Package management

Discount Codes

Gift Certificate

Rate competitors

Parking management

Breakfast report

A driving Family


Let’s find out together if we have understood what you need!

The family-run business is something very common in our sector, either because of the attractiveness of our country or because of the hospitable spirit that characterizes us. Although sometimes the profit margins are not as expected, due to the high expenses involved in running a tourist accommodation.

In hotels with this management model, a very simple and intuitive tool is needed. The system has to be powerful and at the same time simple so that both older and younger people can take full advantage of it. The objective is to increase direct bookings and improve efficiency in the management of daily tasks.

With the automatic sending of entry reports to the authorities, it meticulously respects the regulations and limits errors. To simplify daily management, we offer you an integrated channel manager that keeps availabilities up to date and avoids overbooking.

Our system is flexible and modular so that any type of user can take advantage of all their experience in the sector.

In addition, the economic impact of the system should not be underestimated: with a single system that includes PMS, Channel Manager and Booking Engine, having a single supplier with a single technical support and no doubt savings are guaranteed.


Advanced Planner

Part travelers

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Mobile App

Automatic payments

Rate competitors

Urban Hotels


Customers come first.


Your customers are businessmen and women and will they stay for a few days? Timing is everything for this type of traveler.

With the online check-in service, your customers can save valuable time at the reception desk.

They will be happy to arrive and occupy your room immediately.

Is your hotel in the city center? Manage parking spaces and sell them immediately online, if they are paid parking spaces. The customer will be delighted to arrive at the hotel, park and go up to his room, without surprises such as “Excuse me, the parking spaces are all taken”. This will allow the customer to organize in advance.

Meeting rooms can also be managed, including bidding process and associated services (audio/video, coffee breaks and business lunches).

Do you have a transportation service and do you provide transfers?

Sell it on your booking engine and organize it with the system’s Transfer management system. The customer will be happy.

Tight time? A self-check-out point avoids queues at the reception desk and allows guests to sleep an extra 15 minutes.

For business travelers, 15 minutes can be very valuable.

Rate Checker

online Check in


Breakfast report

Parking management

Optimized for mobile devices

Deluxe Hotels


Let’s find out together if we have understood what you need!

Our system provides services, features and add-ons that enable luxury hotels to analyze customer behavior and anticipate their wishes. For the Luxury service we offer digital signage modules that, through facial recognition functions, identify VIP customers and propose specific video messages/offers.

Our system allows you to memorize room characteristics for regular guests: you can prioritize the assignment of one room over another based on the customer’s history.

It can also save breakfast preferences (e.g. coffee with milk rather than black coffee), recommend the right wine for dinner or the fish of the day and make the client’s stay more pleasant. At the same time you will increase sales.

The planning of sending communications by mail or sms will prepare the user for his exclusive stay, informing him of all the opportunities he can take advantage of at the hotel.

The housekeeping service allows you to plan linen changes several times in the same day to provide the guest with clean linens, as well as a fully stocked mini-bar.

With Booking Engine’s VIP Club, you will be able to present dedicated offers to your regular customers directly on your website, because customer loyalty is very important and we know it.


Gift certificate

VIP Club & Conventions

Package management

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Breakfast report

Large hotels and Chains


The Success Partner for complete hospitality management


Our system is an end-to-end program, i.e. a single complete code that does not depend on external software.

Result? You can achieve whatever you want, without limits.

In addition to the classic PMS functionalities, the system can be integrated with external software to manage specific aspects (accounting, home automation, etc.).

It schedules staff shifts, pays payroll and CUDs on the intranet, allows vacation requests directly online, with subsequent approval.

You can generate an unlimited number of user profiles to assign the appropriate privileges to each person and block them when necessary. And if you hire a new employee or acquire a new property, thanks to the guidelines and simplicity of the system, staff training will take very little time.

The system is also available in English: perfect if you have foreign staff.

The system is also on-premise: it can be installed in the data center of the hotel chain or group and integrates seamlessly with the main client hardware.

Reports and statistics can be customized according to management requests.

If you need integration with room-control hardware, multimedia content distribution (Smart TV) and captive portal for wi-fi access, no problem. Many of these solutions can be provided directly by Solutions Plus, the same company that developed the system.

Do you need a booking engine?

We create it following your instructions and according to your procedure and booking flow, fully integrated into your website and white labeled!